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ONE SPOT LEFT in our 300 Hour Teacher Training!! Who’s ready to dive into the yoga teachings, lean into the healing practices and grow as a yogi and yoga teacher? This could be the perfect time. Hybrid model (in person and online!) - we start Sept 26th outside socially distanced in Norwood! Email for more info. 💛😊💛😊💛😊💛 #UPYTeacherTraining #300hour #makethemostofeveryday

Absolutely amazing energy lately in our outdoor and online classes!!😊 Grey skies but Rhianne brought the light!!! @believeinyourhealth Then I went inside and taught my zoom class.💕 BEYOND GRATEFUL.🙏 #outdooryoga #onlineyoga #feeltheenergy💫 #UPY

We bend so we don’t break.🤸🏻‍♀️ Curious about our outdoor classes? Try one this week!!! Wear your mask until you get on your mat. If you are concerned about the pavement, just bring two mats or a blanket for under your mat. There is something magical about being in the studio lots. You’ll see.😊 #practiceandalliscoming #yogalifestyle #yogapractice #outdooryoga #UPY

Practice with your home studio from anywhere. 💛We love to see you live. 💛We love to check in and chat before class. 💛We love to hear about when you take our recordings later! 💛We love to know how much these classes have been helping you. Sign up for any class up until ONE MINUTE before the class start time and you’ll get the link.😊 Practice live or later with the class recording (active for 7 days!) Forgot to sign up? Email and we will get you the recording for a class you missed.😊 #onlineyoga #wearehereforyou #UPYvirtual

I thought about taking Gale’s outdoor class this afternoon. I had other things going on, but I rearranged a few things and *made* the time! During class, the light breeze felt whimsical as it gently touched my skin. I noticed a pattern in the pavement that I never would have seen if I was just walking by. The temperature felt perfect. The sky and trees made a beautiful landscape. I felt steady and free on my mat. The balance poses came easily today and I felt like I could stay in them forever. The flow felt really good in my body. My busy mind got steady and quiet. In half pigeon, Gale asked us to think of something we are grateful for. I heard someone say something to the yogi behind her. I couldn’t make out what she said. Nonetheless, it was a nice reminder that there were other people there with me, IRL. I smiled, closed my eyes and dropped into the present moment. After class, I learned that she told her friend that she was grateful for her because she had donated her kidney to her 5 years ago!! She was SO grateful that she had to tell her right then during class! THIS made me emotional! The power of love, generosity and gratitude...💛 Gale so eloquently said, “you never know what’s going on around you... even the good things!” We were all smiling under our masks.😉 A few teacher training grads and current teacher trainees stuck around and chatted for a bit. It was so fun to see everyone. The connections and energy are SO real. This community is AMAZING!!💛 And to think, stuff like this happens ALL the time. Every class at UPY has something to offer you. Even outside or online, it really doesn’t matter. Just show up and let the magic happen! I feel tremendous gratitude for our UPY team and everyone in our community! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏 I could go on and on about the benefits of yoga. You’ll just need to sign up for a class and experience it for yourself! If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it!! #UPY #grateful #connection

Our online class schedule is in full effect! Join Rhianne for 9:30 Power this morning (sign up until 9:29 and you’ll get the link!) Or want to take an all levels class and work on your alignment? Sign up for Cheryl’s 12:30 class and we will send you her class recording! #UPYanywhereanytime #virtualstudio #consistencyiskey #yogainspiration

Sky above, earth below, peace within.✌️ Just added!! Tues 6pm Wrentham with Julie E Wed 9:30am Norwood with Sue Wed 4:30pm Norwood Gale POPUP Thurs 8 am Norwood with Mary Thurs 4:30 pm Norwood with Rhianne Sat 8 am Wrentham POP UP with Lisa PLUS our full line up of virtual classes and 7 day recordings!! Practice with us anywhere, anytime. In studio coming soon...! #peace #yoga #health #happiness #outdooryoga #virtualyoga #maketimeforyou #reset #UPY

Hold your vision. Remember your why. Swerve around obstacles. Trust the process. Friday Schedule: (a few spots left in the outdoor classes!) 7 AM Outdoor Norwood All Levels w/ Mary 7:30 AM Virtual Power w/ Lisa 9 AM Outdoor Wrentham Power w/ Lisa 9:30 AM Virtual All Levels w/ Gale 12 PM Virtual Yin w/ Gale 5:30 PM Virtual Power w/ Mary In studio classes coming soon!! #trusttheprocess #onedayatatime #vision #patience #yogafam #UPYstrong

LAST CHANCE to try SUP yoga!! Thursday, Sept 10th, 5 PM with the sunset in Hingham Harbor. 🏄🏻‍♀️ Life is about the experiences we create! Sign up with a friend or partner or just by yourself and join our UPY community for a beautiful evening on the water.🌅 Link (change the date to 9/10): @supyo_adventures, it’s been a fun summer partnering with you! 🙌 #supyo #outdooryoga #sunsetyoga #lifeisanadventure #makememories #UPY

😂Yoga is off the charts!! 6 pm Outdoor Norwood (1 spot) 6 pm Virtual All Levels 7:30 pm Virtual Beginners #laughing #keepasenseofhumor #yogaworks #itsscience #UPY

“Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.” - Wess Stafford “There is no path to happiness: happiness IS the path.” - BUDDHA Some days it’s easier than others. Sometimes it feels like we need to proactively choose joy. Let’s share our tips with each other. Tell me, how do you find joy? Comment below!💕 #choosejoy #response #life #happiness #yogacommunity #keepgoing #keepgrowing #keepchoosing #yogafamily #UPY

It’s not about where, yoga can be done anywhere!💙 It’s not about what, it’s about who we have in our life that matters!🥰 @lola_yogini ❤️ 📸Norwood Outdoor Studio! 🙏 #yogacommunity #norwood #wrentham #outdooryoga #showup #keeppracticing #yogafamily #UPY

Yogis and friends!!! New outdoor classes and pop up classes are on the schedule!🚨 If you haven’t tried a class yet, now is the time! Bring multiple mats, blankets, blocks, whatever you’d like... do your thing! You’ll have plenty of space and open air. Join our community in real life to get a total yoga experience. JUST ADDED: 💙8 am Sat Yoga Strength & Cardio POP UP with Lisa in Wrentham 💙9:30 am Sun Power yoga with Erin in Norwood - NEW Weekly! 💙11 am Wed All Levels POP UP with Gale! Join her for her FIRST Outdoor class in Norwood! Stay tuned... more coming soon! Sign up:💛 #outdooryogastudio #openairyoga #movebreathebeinspired #UPY

A few spots left in both trainings!! Join me for an info session tomorrow. 11 AM 200-Hour 12:30 PM 300-Hour Now is the time to lean into the practices and invest in your own health and skills. It’s going to be an amazing journey. Lots of learning and growth. We are taking everything to the next level. Come with us!! HYBRID TRAININGS: online and in person training sessions!😊 To sign up for the info session, go to the Norwood class schedule, and sign up! I’ll send you the zoom link in the morning. 🙏💕 #TTinfosession #itsyogatime #yogachangedmylife #benefitsofyoga #yogateachertraining #norwood #wrentham #UPY

“Each day we are born again, what we do today is what matters most.” - BUDDHA SATURDAY 8/22 SCHEDULE: 8 AM Outdoor Norwood - All Levels w/ Erin 8 AM Outdoor Wrentham - Yoga Strength & Cardio w/ Lisa 8 AM Virtual Studio - All Levels w/ Mary 9:30 AM Virtual Studio - Power w/ Rhianne 12:30 PM Virtual Studio - All Levels - “Best of Cheryl” Recording! Sign up for any of these classes: #whatmattersmost #lifeishappeningnow #findthegood #yogawisdom #UPY

Even in the most unbalanced situations, balance is never too far. 🌙🧘🏻‍♀️ FRIDAY 8/22 SCHEDULE: 7 AM Outdoor Norwood w/ Lauren 7:30 AM Virtual Power w/ Lisa 9 AM Outdoor Wrentham w/ Lisa 9:30 AM Virtual All Levels w/ Gale 11:30 AM SUPYO (Sold Out) w/ Jana 12 PM Virtual Yin w/ Gale 5:30 PM Virtual Power w/ Mary If you still need blocks, email We still have a few left for sale! #balance #maketimeforyou #UPY

Here are some scenes from Julie E’s class tonight. The forecast said rain and lightning..... we appreciated these beautiful skylines instead. 🌄🌈 You never know what you’re going to get. Stay open to all possibilities. Tomorrow (Thursday): 8 AM Outdoor Norwood - Power w/ Sue 9:30 AM Virtual - Power w/ Julie A 6 PM Virtual - All Levels w/ Jen 7:30 PM Virtual - Gentle Yoga & Meditation w/ Sue 7 day recordings for virtual classes. #outdooryoga #virtualyoga #insideyogacomingsoon #stayopentothepossibilities #UPY

Today I had the honor to present for @yogaalliance and share what I’ve learned over the last 5 months with other studio owners and yoga teachers. I enjoyed sharing, and hopefully studio owners across the country can benefit from my experience. I want to thank our UPY community and teachers for sticking with us and helping us navigate through. One thing is for sure, the world needs yoga teachers and yoga studios to help provide the yoga experience and share the benefits of this practice. Our objective is to get to the other side of this and we will. Look for silver linings. Connect with your community. Practice yoga and meditation to stay physically and mentally healthy. If you watched the webinar and have additional questions, you can contact me directly. My email is Also, thank you to @lola_yogini for helping set up this opportunity and for hosting me today! 🙏 #yogaalliance #theworldneedsyoga

Sometimes this is all you need... UPY classes outside brought to you by Mother Nature....🌅 ***JUST ADDED: This Friday 9 AM and Saturday 8 AM Yoga Strength and Cardio Pop Up Classes with Lisa in our Wrentham Outdoor Studio. ***Due to the MA restrictions on travelers form RI, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone the upcoming Narragansett classes. We will reschedule for another time when it is safer to do so. For now, these pop up classes in Wrentham will replace the Narragansett classes. Thank you for understanding! ❤️ Sign up: #nofilter #sunrise #sunset #pivot #pivotagain #wegotthis #UPY

Amanda: Eka pada galavasana, flying pigeon pose (featuring Jax 🐶). I’m feeling a little extra grateful lately for my practice and my journey. A year ago I was struggling to start this asana, but my commitment to keep showing up taught me how much we can grow and learn.❤️ Jen: You are amazing!! Can I repost on the UPY page? Amanda: Yes, of course!!! Teacher training has inspired me to practice gratitude every day. The affirmation lesson really stuck with me.😊 🌟Amanda W. is a 2020 Teacher Trainee and she will be graduating from our hybrid (online and in person) program in November. 🌟If you’re interested in learning more about Teacher Training, email #upyteachertraining #learnsomethingnew #keepgrowing #gratitudepractice

☀️JUST ADDED : a few spots in the Saturday 8 AM All Levels Sunrise Yoga w/ Erin in Norwood 🌅JUST ADDED : NEW CLASS - Tues 7 PM All Levels Sunset Yoga w/ Mary in Norwood ☀️WRENTHAM UPDATE: Mon 6 AM in Wrentham will stay as 6 AM. Stay tuned for more class times being added very soon! #takingmyyogaoutdoors #outdooryoga #UPY