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Walking into the weekend like... ✌️ @wegs0328 🥰 #fridayfeels #getonyourmat #itsjustonehour #yogachangedmylife #Norwood #Wrentham #upy

Absolutely LOVING our wall mural in Wrentham!!! 💕 @izzyvanhall - you are one talented, artistic yogi!! Thank you for bringing my vision to life! I love that this is custom and unique for our studio. So grateful!! 💛 #findyourfocus #drishtipoints #thechakras #energy #balance #breathe #yoga #UPY

🧘🏻‍♀️💕This Saturday kicks off our UPY Community Classes!!! Our most recent 200-Hour grads are co-teaching to fundraise for their favorite charitable organizations. Join us! Cash / check donations of any amount at the door. Location: Norwood!😊 #giveback #yogaforacause #practicewithpurpose #200hourgrads #UPYseva

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ INTENTIONS! “BE KIND” “PATIENCE” “GRATITUDE” “LET GO” “HEALTH” “BALANCE” “FOLLOW THROUGH” “POSITIVITY” “SERENITY” What’s your intention? Make sure to write it down next time you are in either studio and tape it to the wall! Next week, we will have a raffle!! We will keep these up for all of January so every time you come in you can reaffirm your intention and absorb it so that it stays with you all year! I love how this community inspires eachother to be intentional!❤️ #2020 #livewithintention #move #breathe #beinspired #yogacommunity #Norwood #Wrentham #UPY

Not sure if we are getting more snow, but I do know that if you’re an unlimited member, you will want to join us for these special classes!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽🙋🏼‍♂️Save the date and sign up on the class schedule so we know how many goodies to bring!! ❤️❤️❤️ #newdecade2020 #unlimitedmembers #dedication #community #letscelebrate #upy

Join Yoga Reaches Out at Boston Children's Hospital

Register, fundraise and then practice with us on April 26, 2020! Your efforts will help sick children and their families at Boston Children's Hospital.

❤️JOIN the UNIVERSAL POWER YOGA TEAM for Yoga Reaches Out (YRO) on 4-26-20! YRO is a local yoga fundraiser that takes place at the Empower Field House at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, just 3 miles from our Wrentham location!! Proceeds go to Boston Children’s Hospital and each person is required to raise $300. Our team captains, Julie Weiner Elpus and Lisa Howard, are ready to answer all of your questions and can help give you ideas of how to fundraise! Here’s the link to join us on April 26th for the event, 9-5 pm (all levels are welcome, and you can come and go as you please!) or to donate to our team and help us fundraise! It’s a really fun day with local teachers and many yogis from all different studios! Join us!

😁Happy post-yoga glow!😁 “I’ve been looking for a yoga community for a while now. I stepped inside the first day and felt the difference in the air and I immediately signed up for a 30 day trial. The welcoming warmth of the instructors and my fellow classmates has allowed me to grow my practice in a real way. I find myself smiling through classes, reaching further in my stretches and hitting postures that I never have thought possible. I have found my community and I can’t wait to see where we will go together.” - Julie 💛🌍❣️ #yogacommunity #postyogaglow #welcometoUPY

💖Congratulations and welcome back, Rachel Smoller!! So happy to announce that Rachel is returning to her Thursday, 4:30 pm All Levels Flow class in Norwood starting today!! Baby Sophie is 10 weeks old, so beautiful and so loved!!! 🥰 Rachel is starting back with this class first and will add back her other classes soon.💕 Welcome to the UPY family, Sophie! We can’t wait to do baby and me yoga with you💖 #littleyogi #yogamama #somuchlove #UPYfamily

WRENTHAM CLASS UPDATES! 💛 🌟Mondays 7:30 PM Slow Flow & Restorative (prenatal approved!) with Mary! Starts TONIGHT!!! Come slow flow, unwind and relax. 🌟Fridays 10:45 AM Warm All Levels with Jaime! 🌟Sundays 11 AM Warm All Levels with Paula!

🌟TT6 has commenced!!🌟 We kicked off our 6th 200-Hour Teacher Training this weekend! What an amazing group! We are so happy to be on this journey with you all! Welcome to our tribe!!! It’s going to be a great year of learning, growth and transformation!✨ #yogateachertraining #grow #learn #2020 #yogachangedmylife #Norwood #Wrentham #UPY

💛HAPPY 3 MONTHS, WRENTHAM!!!!💛 Today marks 3 months since we opened our Wrentham studio and it’s the LAST DAY to get the Founders Membership!! Let us know if you’d like more details or to sign up! Today is the LAST DAY.😊 UPY Monthly Unlimited Members (in both studios) get: ✅a mat cubby - leave your mat! ✅discounts off workshops ✅discounts off apparel ✅one free guest per month ✅unlimited yoga classes! Feel the most benefits from your practice. 🎉NEW DECADE 90 Min Classes🎉 Jan 18 (2 PM Wrentham, 5 PM Norwood!) to celebrate our Unlimited Members!!! These will be special classes. Sign up on the class schedule so we know how many goodies to bring!😊 🙏To all of our yogis and friends, we are so grateful for you. Our community is the real deal and it is truly a joy to share yoga and all of its health and healing benefits to our little corner of the world. Thank you for being part of it all!🙏 #unlimitedyogaplease #yogainspiration #yogachangedmylife #Norwood #Wrentham #UPY

✨The night before our 200-Hour Teacher Training journey begins.... ✨ #200houryogateachertraining #TT6 #welcome2020 #learn #teach #inspire #UPY

Baby, Kids, and Pre-Teen Yoga - Universal Power Yoga, Norwood & Wrentham, MA

Baby, Kids, and Pree-Teen Yoga Universal Power Yoga, Norwood MA

🤗UPY Norwood: Jan-May 2020 KIDS and PRE-TEEN classes are set up!! Per request, we are offering two of each per month with Sara! Also, two family yoga classes are scheduled in Feb with Lauren and Sara! 🤗UPY Wrentham: Let me know if you are interested in kids, pre-teen and family yoga!! Please comment below or email to let us know! We’d be happy to offer these in Wrentham if there is interest. #startthemyoung #UPYKIDS #UPYPRETEEN #UPYFamily

It’s 2020.✨What is your theme word for this year? Let go of the “I need to do...” and instead, find a big picture intention. A word you want to apply to all situations and relationships. Think something like peace, love, gratitude, harmony, health, joy, calm, grace, kindness, strength, mindfulness, courage, confidence, patience, pause, I could go on and on... 😊 Last year, my word was harmony💛. I applied it to every situation and relationship. It was at the top of my awareness so if something didn’t feel harmonious, I knew right away. I was able to develop the ability to foster more harmony within myself and offer it outward. At home, I would turn off the TV, dim the lights and put on my diffuser. In my relationships, I communicated better and had more empathy. Personally, I learned that I could do more to reduce stress within myself by making small shifts in how and with who I was spending my time and energy. Focus is a beautiful thing. The best part about this is it allows you to break out of habit and to be more mindful about how you are thinking and being. What we cultivate for ourselves, we can offer to the world. It’s like planting seeds that take time to grow, but absolutely will grow with time. Write down your word and put it on your mirror, your fridge, your computer, your phone, anywhere that you see it, meditate with it, say it out loud and tell people this is what your intention is for the year. And every month or so, check in and see what the impact is. How are things shifting and changing? Stay curious about how the intent manifests into impact and then make any changes along the way. So what is your contribution to the world this year? What seed are you planting? 🌱 #harmony #love #bigpictureview #beintentional #mindfulness #UPY

✨JUST ADDED✨12-1 PM Warm Power Hour with Cheryl & Jen in Norwood!!! The 2 PM is sold out with a waitlist. There is still space in the Warm All Levels classes with Amanda and Mary! Sign up to save your spot!! HERE WE GO!! Flow into the new decade with us!! 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ #letsflow #intention #newyearsdayyoga #norwood #wrentham #UPY

2 MORE classes today!! 😊😊 12 PM NORWOOD warm all levels with Jen 💫 12 PM WRENTHAM hot power yoga with Julie 🔥 Meet us at the studio. Let’s reflect on how far we’ve come since this time last year and create a vision for the next year and THE NEXT DECADE!!!! ❤️

Happy NYE! ❤️ Join us for a class! Here’s the schedule for today & tomorrow. Practice to clear your thoughts and set your intention for what you want to experience in the next decade. 🙏 #yogapractice #intention #plantgoodseeds #UPYNorwood #UPYWrentham

This is Venus above the moon tonight. Did anyone else see it? Totally inspired me for Moonlight Flow this week. 🌙Thursdays 8:45 PM in Norwood (45 Min Warm all levels flow) #moonlightflow #venusisinsight #sobright #universe #universalpoweryoga

✨It’s a powerful time to practice yoga, meditation or any other spiritual practice so you can get clear on your intentions for 2020 and the next decade. Is there something you are now finally ready to let go of or something you want to focus on and bring more of in your life? Now is the time to get quiet, find clarity, be present, and live with intention. Take one hour to practice with us and you will feel a shift. ✨See you on the mat!✨ #transform #intention #shift #norwood #wrentham #UPY