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Happy Y O G A Friday! 🔼 Today’s Friday Schedule: 6 AM w/ Stacey 8 AM w/ Cheryl 9:30 AM w/ Paula (Gale will be back 3/4!) 11 AM Yin w/ Paula 5:15 PM Hot w/ Julie #yogalifestyle #fridayyoga #UPY

R I S E, PRACTICE, S H I N E. 💛 Today’s Thursday Schedule: 6 AM w/ Rachel HS 8 AM w/ Cheryl 9:30 AM w/ Cheryl 12 Noon w/ Rhianne (sub for Hania) 4:30 PM w/ Rachel Sm 6 PM w/ Amanda 6 PM prenatal w/ Rachel Sm 7:30 PM hot w/ Grace (sub for Sue) #maketimeforyoga #practice #enjoythejourney #UPY

S E L F - C A R E. 💟 Relax and recharge tonight!!! 7:30 PM Slow Flow & Restorative For the full class schedule, go to Sign up online or just arrive 10-15 min before any class. Because you deserve it. #feeltheshift #yogalifestyle #midweekyoga #UPY

The 8 AM class is CANCELLED today (2/18). We will decide soon about the other classes today. Check back here or on the schedule for updates.🙏

We have many new clients this time of year! 🌠WELCOME to UPY🌠and congratulations on making the decision to practice yoga!! It takes courage to start and discipline to stick with it. Our teachers will support you along your yoga journey. Most of our classes are a blend of power yoga, a challenging flow, alignment cues and relaxation! We also have 9 weekly classes that are slower, relaxing, and very beginner friendly. 🌠Sun 6 PM Slow Flow & Restorative 🌠Mon 10:45 AM Seated Meditation 🌠Mon 12 Noon Gentle Slow Flow 🌠Tues 10:45 AM Yin Yoga 🌠Tues 8:45 PM Seated Meditation 🌠Wed 12 Noon Gentle Slow Flow 🌠Wed 7:30 PM Slow Flow & Restorative 🌠Fri 11 AM Yin Yoga 🌠Sat 11 AM Beginners Yoga Our New Client Deal is 10 Classes for $60 (just $6 per class)! Do you know someone who wants to start yoga? Make sure they write your name on the referral line of the waiver, and you will get a $5 UPY credit.🙌 #yogalifestyle #yogaforeveryone #we❤️Beginners #UPY

lululemon Wrentham Outlet

Have you heard? Universal Power Yoga is coming to Wrentham! We can’t wait to roll out our mats in the new space. For now you can sweat it out at their Norwood studio with a new client special of 10 classes for $60.

Thanks for the shout out, lululemon Wrentham Outlet😎 Can’t wait!

Did you hear? Weekend Warrior is back in Pop-Up Class format! We are so excited for the first one! 🎉 Friday, March 15, 6:30-7:30 PM! Rhianne is pumped!!! This is a hot, fast-paced, butt-kicking workout class to wipe the slate clean for all the Weekend Warriors out there! 🤩😍😎 Sign up on the Class Schedule! Regular drop in / all class passes apply!!! 🙌

Repost from our very own Gale Giacobbe Gaffney who will be back to teaching in March! Artwork made by her too. 💖 Love is the soul of the soul of the soul of the universe. Love is the beginning and the end. Love is eternal, infinite and everlasting. Love is the energizing elixir of the universe. Love is the cause and effect of all harmonies. Love is the alchemy of transformation. Love is the cure. Love is the power. Love is the magic of changes. Love is the life-giving garden of this world. Love is the water of life. Love is the ocean of grace. Love is the pearl lost on the ocean floor. Love is the gold mine. Love is the hidden treasure. Love is the fire that never stops burning. Love is the way messengers from the Mystery tell us things. Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries. Love is the stranger with a strange language. Love is the language that cannot be said or heard. Love is the bridge between you and everything. Love is fearless in the midst of the sea of fear. Love is a strong emotion. Love is not just an emotion; Love is your very existence. Love is unselfish and benevolent. Love is the sheer abundance of good fortunes. Love is the total openness of the heart. Love is the mirror of divine beauty. Love is the eternal divine blessings. Love is the righteous divine guidance. Love is the religion. Love is the holy book. Love is the path and direction. Love is the master. Love is the one who masters all things. Love is our mother; we are all born of Love. Love is neither a fairy tale nor a book. Love is neither a signature on a paper nor what a couple say of each other. Love is a tree with branches reaching far beyond time into eternity, and roots set deep in the eternal life. Love is an open secret. Love is the most obvious thing in the world and also the most hidden, with no why to how it keeps its mystery. ~ Rumi ♥️ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ALL!

Calling all Kids and Pre-Teens! We have yoga for you too! 😀 This Saturday: 9:30 AM Kids Yoga SOLD OUT 11 AM PreTeen (Ages 8-12) 4 spots left! Save the dates: FAMILY YOGA Saturday 3/2, 3-4 PM $25 per family (ages 5-12) Kids & Preteens: March 16 April 20 May 25 June 15 Sign up on the “Baby, Kids & Pre-Teen” Tab of the website / app! #kidsyoga #preteenyoga #familyyoga #UPY

A journey through the 7 chakras (energy centers from the base of your spine to the crown of your head) with Jacqui Bonwell and hands on assists by Jaime MacDonald! The workshop will include energy healing. Come learn more about chakras and cleanse physically, mentally and emotionally! Regular Price $45 Monthly Members $35 *A VERY SPECIAL Chakra Cleanse... In honor of the upcoming Yoga Reaches Out Yogathon, Jen, Jacqui and Jaime have decided to donate 50% of the workshop proceeds to Yoga Reaches Out / BOSTON CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. If you are interested in joining our team for the Yogathon on 4/28, or to make any donations directly to our team, here's the link to our team page:

Be the best version of you. ✨🦄💕 Repost @yogainspiration But seriously, move your body, still the busy mind. When you connect with your breath and feel better in your body, you are more likely to be kind. Everyone around you benefits when you are calm, focused, alert, present, peaceful and most importantly, kind. #yogainspiration #yogaglow #46classesperweek #teachertraining #kindness #UPY

🕉 “Yoga is learning to stop How the mind Turns things around.” Sutra 1.2 How Yoga Works, Page 109 #teachertraining #howyogaworks #yogaphilosophy #upy

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” There is no such thing as an overnight success. It takes years of unwavering dedication, intention setting, focus and hard work! It’s what you do behind the scenes when no one is looking that matters! @tombrady #hardwork #determination #focus #excellence #inspiration #legend #superbowl53 #patriots #stillhere

Pats won the Super Bowl! 🏈 Spring weather is here ☀️ Yoga Class is booked! ✅ 💛 3 more classes today: 4:30 pm with Susan 6 pm with Stacey 7:30 pm with Grace #lifeisgood #timeforyoga #UPY

I love this advice for new yoga teachers. Practice and prepare.... you never know when the door will open.... 🙌 Isn’t this applicable for most things in life though? #patience #grow #practice #prepare #slowandsteady #opportunity #lawofattraction #superbowl53

“I listen and trust my own inner voice” ❤️✨ - Hania, co-teacher of last night’s Winter Warmer Workshop “Thank you Hania, Jaime, Kathy, and Anita for creating the perfect ending to a cold winter week. Your winter warming workshop was exactly what I needed. I loved the flow, the playlist, the hands-on assists, and the tasty treats. Who made the tea? I Loved it! Thank you one and all!!” ❤️✨ - Tiffany Save the date for the next seasonal workshop with Hania and Jaime! SPRING SERENITY May 10, 2019, 7-9 PM. Yes, spring is coming! 🌸🌼🌻

YOGA REACHES OUT is an annual yogathon at the Gillette Fieldhouse on April 28, 2019, which brings yogis together from all over New England to raise $ for Boston Children’s Hospital! Our team is growing everyday and we have 88 days until the big event! It’s beginner friendly- All Levels, all yogis are welcome to join the Jacqui Bonwell / UNIVERSAL POWER YOGA team! Sign up now and your fundraising minimum will be $250. You can continue to fundraise even after the event. After Feb 1st, if you sign up, the fundraising minimum will shift from $250 to $300. PLEASE SIGN UP, DONATE OR SHARE if this speaks to you. Here’s the link to join or donate to our team!! Thank you!!!! 🙏❤️

🕉Workshops are special 2-2.5 hour immersions designed so that you can really focus on the content or experience beyond a regular 1 hour class. Workshops often have specific topics, assistants or other added elements to enhance your experience. Join us for one or more UPY workshops this year! These do sell out so advanced registration is recommended. 😀 Sign up on the Workshops tab of the website or Universal Power Yoga app! For more info, go to the website / app and click on each one for the description and price. 🕉 #yogachangedmylife #yogaworkshops #UPY

👋We have 22 “Lost & Found” yoga mats! Zoom in if you are missing a mat and come get it by this Friday if you want it! ✨We are looking for a school or any organization where we can donate these mats!! Who wants them? Comment here if you know anyone who could use them and please confirm if you can pick them up on Friday, Feb 1, in the afternoon.✨

Winter Warmer this Friday, Feb 1, 7-9 PM with Jaime & Hania has 5 spots left! Jaime & Hania created this workshop over 5 years ago to bring you an intentional evening with a Slow Flow and Restorative practice enhanced with Essential Oils and 2 assistants to give assists. It sells out every year. This year we added a second date so more people can experience the magic! Sign up online or on your UPY app to save your spot. 💖 #winterwarmer #slowflow #restorative #UPY

“I am beyond convinced this is exactly what and where I need to be. I told Gale that the bar was set super high today!! I loved every minute. I think this is the deep dive that I have been needing.” - Bethany “Amazing. All I could have dreamed it would be and more. I looked back and was like, wait am I missing pages or notes because I learned so much and in depth today, this can’t possibly have been it. And oh man, this group is absolutely amazing. We have a really unique combination of people and the experiences brought to the table lead to some really interesting discussions and deep learning.” - Yvette ⭐️THE UPY 300 HOUR TEACHER TRAINING⭐️ is all about diving deep into knowledge and developing new skill set! It's truly a game changer and will bring your teaching to a whole new level. We cap the training at 12 (this year sold out!) to make sure each person has an intimate learning experience and practical skills to bring to their teaching / yoga careers. Registration opens in March for the next journey which begins in Jan 2020. 🙋🏻‍♀️ 12 spots only. It’s never too early to start thinking about it! 🙌 (Pre-requisite: 200-Hour Foundational Teacher Training)