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MONDAY with UPY 😄 STUDIOS: 6 AM Wrentham w/ Lisa - 1 SPOT❣️ 9:30 AM Wrentham w/ Esther - 3 SPOTS❣️ 6 PM Norwood w/ Jen - waitlist 7:30 PM Norwood w/ Jen - waitlist VIRTUAL 8 AM “Best of Julie E” Recording! 6 PM Livestream from the studio class w/ Jen - you can attend virtually!! 7:30 PM Slow Flow & Restorative w/ Catherine Cyber Monday (aka Black Friday) yoga deals are still going on...! Make sure to email if you need help getting your pass set up. #mondayfunday #cybermondayyogadeals #bewell #beinspired #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogastudios #virtualyogastudio #UPY

Q: “How long will outdoor classes go on for?” A: “As long as our yogis keep showing up!!” 😎❄️🎉🥰 Absolutely incredible dedication by @poweryogi300 and the Wrentham outdoor yogis!!! A few UPY winter hats are still available! $25 regular price, $20 for Monthly/Yearly Members. Email and let us know which studio you want to pick up at! #winteryogis #outdooryoga #newenglandyogis #bewell #beinspired #sangha #UPY

SUNDAY OUTDOOR 8 AM Wrentham w/ Lisa STUDIO 9:30 AM Norwood w/ Erin - waitlist VIRTUAL 9:30 AM All Levels w/ Jen 11 AM Prenatal w/ Rachel 8:30 PM Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra w/ Lauren (Black Friday sales available through Cyber Monday.)😍 #outdooryoga #studioyoga #virtualyoga #youchoose #practiceyogachangeyourworld #bewell #beinspired #UPY

Small Business Saturday💙 Black Friday Sales are still available! Gift cards : 📸Wrentham (2nd studio) Grand Opening #yogacommunity #yogastudioowner #smallbusinesssaturday #yogalove #yogaboston #bewell #beinspired #yogainspiration #norwoodma #wrenthamma #UPY

SATURDAY.... Did you book your class yet? OUTDOOR: 8 AM Wrentham - Yoga strength & cardio w/ Lisa STUDIOS: 9:30 AM Wrentham w/ Lauren - waitlist 9:30 AM Norwood w/ Erin - 1 SPOT❣️ 11 AM Norwood w/ Erin - waitlist VIRTUAL: 8 AM All Levels w/ Mary 9:30 AM Power w/ Rhianne 12:30 PM w/ Cheryl - she’s back! 😁 Sign up: #bewell #beinspired #UPY

A regular yoga practice is a GAME CHANGER.... and for many of us, jumping on the yoga path completely changed our lives in the BEST way possible. Yoga is mindful movement which helps to reduce stress, which helps your immune system stay strong. Yoga helps to keep your body strong and flexible and your mind calm and clear. Our UPY Community is a special tribe where all are welcome and we open our arms for you to find connection and support. We energetically lock arms and together we navigate life’s challenges one day at a time. We inspire each other to keep going, keep looking for the good, keep being kind, and keep focusing on the people and moments that matter most. We remember to be grateful all year long. Hop on the wagon... grab one of these deals and you’ll be set for a while! Then just show up and we will take care of the rest.... 🙏1 Year Unlimited $1200 ($588 savings off new MM price) plus $100 UPY Credit 🙏Monthly Member Unlimited Pass $149/month, plus get a UPY winter hat for you and a $30 Gift Card for a friend. (3 month minimum) 🙏20 Pass plus 4 free classes for $320 Available now online! If you need help getting your pass, email or text/call 774-256-4480! Be well. Be Inspired. ❤️ #blackfridaysale #norwood #wrentham #yogasale #yogaboston #community #yogacommunity #yogalifestyle #healthyliving

TOMORROW (FRIDAY) STUDIOS: 7 AM Norwood Studio w/ Gigi - 2 spots❣️ 7:30 AM Wrentham Studio w/ Lisa - sold out 12 Noon Wrentham Studio w/ Courtney - 2 spots❣️ TOMORROW (FRIDAY) VIRTUAL: 7:30 AM Virtual Studio Class Livestream w/ Lisa 9:30 AM Virtual I See You Class w/ Paula - lots of individual guidance similar to a private group lesson 12 Noon Virtual Yin Recording w/ Gale 5:30 PM Virtual Power w/ Mary Hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving.🍁❤️ “Mary’s yoga class on Thanksgiving was as important as the Thanksgiving meal itself.” - Michael M. A note from Mary: I am so humbled and grateful to have held space with my UPY yogis both near and far, in person and virtual this morning. Yoga on Thanksgiving has been a tradition for me for 7+ years. It may look different this year, but it definitely felt the same. So much love for all of you! 💖Love, Mary

We are a small business with a big heart. Thank you, everyone, for supporting our canned food drive. This year is different in a lot of ways, but we can still be kind, thoughtful and thankful for each other. Sending big virtual hugs to everyone today. If anyone needs a yoga class, send an email to and we will send you a free class today.❤️🍁

Tonight: 6 PM Virtual Studio Livestream just added! Attend Mary’s 6 PM All Levels studio class from the comfort of your home! 7:30 PM Virtual Slow Flow and Restorative Tomorrow - Thanksgiving 🙏 See image for class times! One spot just opened for 10:30 in Wrentham with Erin! Also sign up for Virtual Livestream!! #Bewell #Beinspired #UPY

It’s time!! Black Friday Sales! 🙏1 Year Unlimited $1200 ($588 savings off new MM price) plus $100 UPY Credit 🙏Monthly Member Unlimited Pass $149/month, plus get a UPY winter hat for you and a $30 Gift Card for a friend. (3 month minimum) 🙏20 Pass plus 4 free classes for $320 Sales available now online! If you need help getting your pass, email or text/call 774-256-4480! We love you! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Wishing you all peace, love and joy today and everyday. Be well. Be Inspired. ❤️ #blackfridaysale #norwood #wrentham #yogasale #yogaboston #community #yogacommunity #yogalifestyle

Tonight’s Schedule: Norwood S T U D I O..... 6 PM Studio w/ Jen (sold out) 7:30 PM Studio w/ Jen - 1 spot 9 PM Studio 30 min flow w/ Jen - few spots V I R T U A L..... 6 PM Virtual Studio Livestream - sign up! 7:30 PM Virtual Slow Flow & Restorative w Catherine - sign up! Wrentham back at it tomorrow at 4:30... Please only come in if you feel healthy and have had no known potential exposures to covid to keep everyone else healthy. Love how everyone is so respectful of each other. Thank you!! 🙏

Welcome Esther! Two spots left in her class this morning at 9:30 in Wrentham! Esther is an experienced teacher and we are so happy to have her on our team! Studio Classes: ✅Masks ✅Social distance (6 ft between mats in all directions) ✅HEPA air filters with UV-C light ✅EPA approved cleaners used between all classes ✅Doors slightly open to allow fresh air from outside in! ✅Only come in if you are feeling healthy and have had no potential exposure to Covid. Anyone not feeling well, or with any potential exposures to Covid, please stay home and take a virtual class with us! #yogacommunity #bewell #beinspired #UPY

BE WELL. BE INSPIRED. We are on a mission to provide you all with our amazing, high quality yoga classes and an incredible community that feels like a family. We love you all and care about you so much. ***Please be well to come to an in person studio or outdoor class. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and practice with us online or on demand. We do NOT charge late cancel/no show fees for people who don’t take class because they are not feeling well or had a potential exposure. Just send us an email or text the studio cell 774-256-4480 to let us know. Fever, stuffy nose, sore throat, headaches, fatigue... it seems almost anything can be a first symptom. If anyone feels the slightest bit off, they need to stay home and take virtual classes or on demand classes. COVID QUESTIONS: Before coming to an in person class, please pause and honestly ask yourself these questions. 1: Have you had any Covid Symptoms in the last few days (fever, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, fatigue, stomach issues, loss of taste or smell) 2: Have you been exposed to anyone with covid or any covid symptoms? 3: Have you traveled and therefore need to self quarantine? Thank you all for taking care of each other. This is what it’s all about. Please remember to be kind and compassionate. It seems that everyone has some battles these days, whether physical, mental or emotional. We just need to be kind because you never know what someone is going through. With infinite love and gratitude from our hearts to yours. - The UPY Team ❤️

Lead with your ❤️ Beyond excited and filled with love as we head into our TT6 teacher training graduation weekend.... this group weathered the storm, pivoted, adapted and kept showing up with love! Also, lots of OUTDOOR classes this weekend! Norwood today 12 noon with Jen Wrentham Sat 8 with Lisa Norwood Sat 9:30 with Erin Norwood Sun 11 with Erin Lots of amazing virtual and studio classes as well! Check the schedule and sign up! #outdooryogis #yogateachertraining #leadwithlove #UPY

Guess who's back, back again Cheryl’s back, tell a friend 👯‍♀️ This Saturday, Cheryl is teaching in our Virtual Studio, live at 12:30 pm! Sign up to practice real time with Cheryl and our amazing community!! If you can’t make it at 12:30, sign up anyway and you will get the 7 day recording! Cheryl, you are an inspiration and an incredible example of how when we take care of our bodies we can heal from injuries and come back even stronger. We love you!! #saturdayyoga #Cherylisback #tellyourfriends #virtualyogastudio #UPY

Perspective: a particular attitude or way of regarding something. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Wayne Dyer Join us today! 12 Noon Norwood Studio - 2 spots 4:30 PM Wrentham Studio - 1 spot 4:30 PM Norwood Studio - 1 spot 6 PM Wrentham Studio - Sold out 6 PM Virtual - lots of room! 7:30 PM Recording - sign up and you’ll get it early. Studio Class Procedures: ✅Fresh air from windows/doors ✅HEPA Air Filters ✅Masks and social distancing ✅Studio floors and high touch surfaces are cleaned after every class. For class types and teachers, and to book, go to #bewell #beinspired #yogainspiration #changeyourmindset #changeyourlife #Norwood #Wrentham #Bostonyoga #UPY

A once in a lifetime experience.✨ Alexis and her group are graduating this weekend! So incredibly happy that we continued the journey through the pandemic! Such a resilient group with tools and resources to help them get through! And now they are yoga teachers sharing their passion for yoga with others to help the world. There is a ripple effect in the things we do. How are you spending your time? Teacher training is an incredible journey for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga, take a bigger step into our community, and/or become a yoga teacher to share yoga with others! Join our Teacher Training tribe! We start the next group in January. Email to get more info!! Training will most likely sell out this month! #teachertraining #yogachangedmylife #onceinalifetime #UPY

Just in.😍 “So cute and cozy!” - Kayla “Love mine!” - Erin Brand new UPY WINTER HATS! Just in time for the colder weather and the holidays! For sale at both our Norwood and Wrentham studios now for $25 ($20 for our Monthly Members.) 💙 Email to reserve one and let us know which studio you want to pick up at. #UPY

IT’S FRIDAY! 🥳🥳 Today is the first day of our Gratitude Challenge. Swipe to see Lucas’s Thankful Turkey and what he said he is thankful for. 🙏 Take 14 classes in 14 days and write down what you are thankful for each day. Email after you complete the challenge to be entered into a raffle! You can make a Thankful Turkey, write in the squares of this image, or write in a journal. If you need a class, go to and try it for free for 3 days. Use Promo code 20OFF. Stay grounded. Be thankful. Keep moving forward. #Bewell #gratitudechallenge #UPY

#tbt to what feels like a million years ago. This Afternoon: 4:30 in Norwood w/ Rhianne - 2 spots✨ 4:30 in Wrentham w/ Mary - 1 spot!✨ 6:00 in Wrentham w/ Mary - sold out 6:00 Virtual w/ Jen - sign up! ✨ 7:30 Virtual w/ Sue - sign up! ✨ #bewell #beinspired #pivot #adapt #keepgoing

TEACHER TRAINING on your radar? Starting Jan 9th.✨ 3 spots left. 😊 Email Jen for info. #yogateachertraining #2021 #makethemostofit #UPY