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Nature is never in a rush and yet everything gets done.🐛🦋🌸 Join us for a class today and reconnect to the present moment. #onethingatatime #enjoythejourney #UPY @spiritual.awakening1

It’s EARTH DAY! 🌍 A day to consider how we can do our best to preserve the beautiful earth we live on. In both our Norwood and Wrentham studios, consider bringing a reusable water bottle and filling it up to reduce reliance on single use plastic. We also recycle in both studios! Every little bit helps. What are you doing in your daily life to help preserve this beautiful Earth? #teachertraining #300hourretreat #earthday2019 #UPYNorwood #UPYWrentham

Hop on over to the studio today! We have classes for you! (Easter Sunday): 8 AM Warm All Levels w/ Jaime 8 AM Prenatal w/ Rachel (a few spots!!) 9:30 AM Warm All Levels w/ Jaime 9:30 AM Prenatal w/ Rachel (one spot!) 4:30 PM Warm All Levels w/ Paula 6 PM Slow Flow & Restorative w/ Paula #yogafamily #hophophop #yoga365days #UPY

Happy Friday, Yogis!😍 Who else noticed we have new speakers? That’s right, the sound quality at UPY has been rocking lately! 🎶🤗 Friday schedule: 6 AM Warm All Levels (Stacey) 8 AM Warm All Levels (Cheryl) 9:30 AM Warm All Levels (Gale) 11 AM Yin Yoga (Gale) 5:15 PM Hot All Levels (Erin) #friday #newsoundsystem #happyearlybirthdaycheryl

Walking out of our *Sequencing Weekend* of 300-HOUR Teacher Training like.... 🙏✨♥️😍 Thank you Lauren, Jaime, Cheryl and Gale for sharing your knowledge and insights!! Are you a yoga teacher looking to expand your knowledge of teaching and sequencing? Sign up for our next 300-Hour Teacher Training! #300HourTeacherTraining #Keeplearning #Keepgrowing #Sequencing #teachertraining #squadgoals

We love bringing the sun up for you, M-F 6am. Join us on the mat. #sunsalutation #risepracticeshine #namasteearlybirds #happyhumpday 💗🙏☀️

This is why we do yoga.✨ We live in a forward reaching and hunching culture.... sitting at a computer, driving, cooking, taking care of young children, texting, reading... almost everything is in front of us and down. YOGA gives us an opportunity to look up, reach up, back bend, rotate, side bend and bring your spine through all of its natural movements so we can find good posture, healthy movement and feel healthy and happy! Come to class and we will guide you through a safe practice with lots of options so you can practice in a way that benefits you. And... we are discussing more about this today in our 200-Hour Teacher Training. The dates for our next training will be announced next week! #physicalbenefitsofyoga #moveyourbodyeveryday #notjusttheweekends #itsagoodstartthough #UPY

“I started doing yoga 6 months ago. Amazingly, my commitment to the practice healed a shoulder injury I had for 10 years. I highly recommend skeptics to try it. For many years I labeled yoga as too slow when actually my life was too fast.” - T.R., UPY Monthly Member, who has already taken 3 classes in April, and it’s April 3rd! You go girl! You are an inspiration! Is your life too fast for yoga? Consider that if you feel that way, it might mean that you could use some yoga in your life! #testimonial #monthlymember #dedication #slowdowntofeelbetter #quietstrength #heal #benefitsofyoga #UPY

Join Yoga Reaches Out at Boston Children's Hospital

Register, fundraise and then practice with us on April 28, 2019! Your efforts will help sick children and their families supported by the Wellness Center at Boston Children's Hospital.

Yoga Reaches Out is a special fundraising event for Boston Children’s on 4/28! There’s still time to join the Jacqui Bonwell / Universal Power Yoga Team! If you can’t make it, please consider donating to our team! Any amount.. it all adds up. The funds raised go to the Yoga & Meditation Center in the hospital. 🙏💕♥️ #yogareachesout #seva #selflessservice❤️

When your 200-Hour Teacher Trainees are presenting on balance poses and have the amazing idea to make a “forest of trees”... oh, I love this group!!!💕#teachertraining #connection #tribe #UPYTT5

Salabhasana (Locust Pose) is a backbend we often do in class after planks! Start in a prone position (on your belly), and reach your legs back, while lifting them. Reach your arms back, palms down, and lifted (variation: interlace your hands behind you). Lift your head and gaze slightly up, while keeping the back of your neck long. We love this backbend because it strengthens your spine and your back muscles. In a forward leaning society, this pose can help with good posture, and it can help relieve back pain. We love Fridays! Gale, Paula and Cheryl want to thank everyone for coming to their classes today! Still need to practice? Mary is teaching at 5:15 pm! 😊 #benefitsofyoga #backbend #strongback #spinehealth #UPY

“Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything.” 💕 57 beautiful human beings came together to honor Anthony Maffie’s legacy of love and gratitude and to raise awareness for SUDEP and Epilepsy. As Sue said tonight during class, the highest yoga is for others. It is about connection. We practice yoga for others, healing each other, breathing for each other. For this is what life is all about- being there for each other during life’s hardest times and lifting each other up. The studio was full of awareness, gratitude and so much love for Anthony’s family and friends. The proceeds of tonight’s class will go to the Epilepsy Foundation New England in honor of Anthony Maffie. To donate, or to learn more, please go to ❤️ #lightthewaytoday #sudepawareness #community #connection #love

Big progress lately and my sweet little guy approves! Wrentham, we are working hard to open as soon as we can! Since it’s a brand new plaza, there are a few things that the landlord needs to complete so our opening date is still TBD. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more! #tada #soexcited #UPYWrentham

More than ever before, the world needs people who build love, strength and peace within themselves so they can share this with others! UPY was founded in June 2013 to be a place where people can go to reset, recharge and find clarity. We are on a mission to share the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga with our local communities.😊🌻 Happy Tuesday from UPY! 🌎 #benefitsofyoga #onamission #UPY

Sitting around? Get to UPY by 3:30 today for our next Community Class!! Cash/check donations (any amount) at the door for the Hands to Heart Center! All levels, beginner friendly!! Thank you everyone who came to our 2 pm community class for Boston Children’s Hospital. 💙💚💛💜❤️ #communityclasses #givingback #UPYseva