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About Us

Universal Power Yoga

At UPY, our teachers are experienced and passionate about sharing yoga with our community. Our classes are welcoming and inspiring. We look forward to meeting you! All levels are welcome to every class.



Our Classes

All yoga is power yoga because you are empowering yourself each time you step on your mat. With a blend of some challenging poses and time to relax, yoga can help you feel balanced, strong and calm. Join us for a class today!


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Feeling so appreciative of you."

"It was so great to get back in the studio today!! You have launched a great studio that fills a gap in the market for accessible, great yoga in a truly positive environment for both teachers and students!!"

  • - S. B.
  • Canton, MA

"I want to tell you how much I love practicing yoga with you."

"I know I have a long way to go but that’s ok — I’m fine with that and all my physical and time limitations. I have been to other studios and also other teachers. I love your approach and your kindness. Thank you!"

  • - F. L.
  • Stoughton, MA

"I just wanted to thank Jaime for today!"

"She was so great helping me out and teaching me all the poses! I love that the Teachers really pay attention to you and help you with your practice."

  • - C. N.
  • Walpole, MA

Our Instagram

Right away, "you'll likely feel more space and a lightness in your body after your class,"......"Yoga focuses on creating space in the mind and body so not only should you walk away feeling less stressed and more relaxed but you also feel less tension in your muscles." This is due not only to stretching, but to deep breathing. "Yoga helps your brain generate wave patterns that leave you feeling calmer, and it affects the production of hormones that can leave you feeling more at ease,"... “Your entire body will be oxygenated from the result of deeper breathing and increased circulation, and this will help you feel present and awake, as well." THIS is why we love yoga.💛💛💛 #yogacommunity #benefitsofyoga #UPY

OUR 300-HOUR Advanced Teacher Training Graduates are teaching these special classes, open to the public, in Norwood on November 16th! Save the date and join us! All regular passes or drop in passes apply. Attendees will receive a gift certificate for a “free class” to “pay it forward” and gift yoga to someone you know.🙏❤️🎁- . Our next 300 Hour Teacher Training begins in January 2020.. we have a few spots left!! Who’s ready to continue learning and evolving the craft of teaching yoga? Email Jen info@universalpoweryoga.com for more info! Limited space! This is a smaller group than the 200 hour. ✨✨✨- . #payitforwardyoga #thegiftofyoga #300hourteachertraining #UPY

💛This Friday night! An event for Tweens ages 8-12 and mom / caregiver to spend quality time together in the Wrentham studio!💛 Sign up online: Universalpoweryoga.com/yoga/baby-kids-Pre-teen #tweenyoga #bonding #qualitytime #UPYWrentham

💛Our FIRST Workshop in Wrentham tonight SOLD OUT!!!🙏Thanks everyone who came to Autumn Grounding Slow Flow & Restorative with Essential Oils and Assists! Here’s the quote and quartz crystal each attendee received.💛- . Hania and Jaime will be doing their seasonal workshops twice (once in Norwood and once in Wrentham) each season! Stay tuned for the “Winter Warmer” workshop dates! We will announce them and open for sign ups very soon. - . #autumngrounding #firstworkshopinwrentham #UPY

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