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About Us

Universal Power Yoga

At UPY, our teachers are experienced and passionate about sharing yoga with our community. Our classes are welcoming and inspiring. We look forward to meeting you! All levels are welcome to every class.



Our Classes

All yoga is power yoga because you are empowering yourself each time you step on your mat. With a blend of some challenging poses and time to relax, yoga can help you feel balanced, strong and calm. Join us for a class today!


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Feeling so appreciative of you."

"It was so great to get back in the studio today!! You have launched a great studio that fills a gap in the market for accessible, great yoga in a truly positive environment for both teachers and students!!"

  • - S. B.
  • Canton, MA

"I want to tell you how much I love practicing yoga with you."

"I know I have a long way to go but that’s ok — I’m fine with that and all my physical and time limitations. I have been to other studios and also other teachers. I love your approach and your kindness. Thank you!"

  • - F. L.
  • Stoughton, MA

"I just wanted to thank Jaime for today!"

"She was so great helping me out and teaching me all the poses! I love that the Teachers really pay attention to you and help you with your practice."

  • - C. N.
  • Walpole, MA

Our Instagram

☀️NEW to UPY? If you’ve never taken a class with us, you can try one for free this week! Go to www.universalpoweryoga.com and sign up for your first online class free! We will email you the Zoom Link about 1 hour before the class time. These classes are “live”. People are loving them!! *Only for brand new clients between 3/30-4/8. *Already a member? Tag someone who’s been thinking about trying a class with us! #UPYVirtualStudio #OnlineYoga #MoveBreatheBeInspired

These live classes are keeping me going. Yoga brings us back to the present moment. Our community gives us human connection with familiar faces (and some new faces-welcome!😊). I just added a 6 pm All Levels Flow TODAY (3/26) because in my heart I know how much this is helping me and I want to keep sharing it with you. Before I got out of bed this morning, I sat up and took a few minutes to meditate. My breath got deeper and I instinctively brought my hands over my heart, facing inward, right over left. I wholeheartedly thought of everyone I know who works in the medical world and sent them gratitude and strength to continue on. I thought of anyone who is ill, and I sent them infinite love, hope and strength to take it one day at a time and continue on. I think of all the parents multi-tasking like never before and doing their best to comfort and love their children, and I send them gratitude and strength to continue on. All yoga teachers, studio owners, small business owners, I understand how challenging this is and I send you gratitude and strength to continue on. I think of all my friends and family and their own unique challenges, and I send you love and strength to continue on. I see small bits of sunshine throughout the days and a light at the end of the tunnel. But even more so, I see a light right now, within all of us, shining brightly as we continue on, one day at a time, taking care of ourselves and each other the best way we know how. 🙏💛Jen

👋UPY G I V E A W A Y👋TAG 3 people who could use a little yoga in their life!!! We have 4 live online classes coming up on Tuesday 3/24: 7:30 AM Power with Julie A, 9:30 AM All Levels with Hania, 6 PM All Levels with Jen, 7:30 PM Beginners with Jen! New client deal 30 days for $30. Link in bio!! - . To enter: ✅Follow @universalpoweryoga ✅Like this photo ✅Tag 3 people who could benefit from online virtual yoga classes with UPY right now!!! ✅Double your entries if you take a virtual class with us on 3/24! - . 💝Prize💝: A FREE “live” 1 hour private small group yoga lesson just for you and your friends/family to get together online and do yoga together. 🤗- . Prize winner will be announced on Wed, 3/25. We all need yoga now more than ever before! 🙏- . #UPYVirtualStudio #shareyoga #howyogaworks

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