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Universal Power Yoga

At UPY, our teachers are experienced and passionate about sharing yoga with our community. Our classes are welcoming and inspiring. We look forward to meeting you! All levels are welcome to every class.



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All yoga is power yoga because you are empowering yourself each time you step on your mat. With a blend of some challenging poses and time to relax, yoga can help you feel balanced, strong and calm. Join us for a class today!


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Feeling so appreciative of you."

"It was so great to get back in the studio today!! You have launched a great studio that fills a gap in the market for accessible, great yoga in a truly positive environment for both teachers and students!!"

  • - S. B.
  • Canton, MA

"I want to tell you how much I love practicing yoga with you."

"I know I have a long way to go but that’s ok — I’m fine with that and all my physical and time limitations. I have been to other studios and also other teachers. I love your approach and your kindness. Thank you!"

  • - F. L.
  • Stoughton, MA

"I just wanted to thank Jaime for today!"

"She was so great helping me out and teaching me all the poses! I love that the Teachers really pay attention to you and help you with your practice."

  • - C. N.
  • Walpole, MA

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HELLO SPRING! Today is the first day of spring. Spring is the promise that everything and everyone can begin again, letting go and embracing the new. We celebrate spring and our own ability to practice yoga to empower ourselves and take steps toward our own health goals. 10 HEALTH BENEFITS OF A REGULAR YOGA PRACTICE: Reduce Joint Pain and Inflammation - A natural pain reliever! Stabilize Blood Pressure - Reduce stress and anxiety to lower high blood pressure Improve Balance - Important for overall health as we age Improve Breathing - Most adults are "shallow breathers". When we take deep breaths, more oxygen gets to your muscles and cells, which promotes energy and mental clarity Decrease Stress - Chronic stress is not good for us! Yoga helps by giving you a calm, focused experience of connection with your body and breath which decreases overall stress levels Improve Spinal Health - Yoga brings your spine through all of its natural movements to help with your posture and back health Improve Mental Health - Yoga helps to clear the mind so it can be more efficient. Improve Blood Flow - Are you sitting a lot? Yoga poses help improve blood flow throughout your body to nourish your cells Improve Your Sleep - Sleep is the most important element of a healthy lifestyle. This is when your body repairs and builds muscles, tissues and cells and your immune system can fight off illness. Yoga helps improve sleep duration and quality Improve Strength and Flexibility - Work your muscles in a way that strengthens and stretches them for long, lean muscles. We are on a MISSION to share the many health benefits of yoga with YOU! See you at the studio! The UPY Team :)

More than ever before, the world needs people who build love, strength and peace within themselves so they can share this with others! UPY was founded in June 2013 to be a place where people can go to reset, recharge and find clarity. We are on a mission to share the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga with our local communities.😊🌻 . Happy Tuesday from UPY! 🌎 - . #benefitsofyoga #onamission #UPY

Bird-Dog Pose... a pose that looks easy.... but when you are in it, you may feel differently! First come into table top, and then extend opposite arm and leg. Keep your hips squared so your arm and leg are in one line. This is a great pose to practice balance and coordination, relieve back pain, strengthen your core (abdominal and back muscles) and learn where you are in space- body awareness! How do you feel about bird-dog? Love it? Or can’t wait to come out of it? 😂- . #birddog #asanapractice #benefitsofyoga #UPY

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