Class Descriptions


We love beginners! This is a vinyasa yoga flow class with detailed instructions for beginners to learn the poses. You can go at your own pace and take breaks when needed. Bring a yoga mat and a water. If you need to, you can rent a yoga mat and/or purchase a water.

All Levels Flow

Beginners are welcome! A vinyasa yoga flow class with options to modify for beginners to advanced students. The sequence will change every class, which keeps us present and reminds us "to go with the flow". This class is warm (80-85 degrees) so that your muscles are warm. You can expect stretching, strengthening, balance and relaxation. You'll leave feeling more present, calm and peaceful.

Power Yoga

Get ready to sweat! A power yoga class is challenging and moves at a faster pace with opportunities to build strength. This is a great way to grow your practice. We offer this class warm (80-85 degrees) and hot (90-95 degrees). Hot Power is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone with pre-existing heart conditions or high blood pressure. Hydrate and have a snack 1-2 hours before class. If you love a good work-out, you'll love this class!

Yoga Sculpt

Build strength and tone! Yoga Sculpt is our All Levels yoga class blended with strength training using light weights. Bring 1, 2 or 3 lb dumbbells or borrow ours. Expect to get a great workout. UPY sells 3 lb weights-- if you want to purchase them at the studio, ask the teacher before class! Beginners are welcome!

Slow Flow

This slow and steady class will help to calm and quiet the mind. This class allows both new and experienced students an opportunity to learn poses and breathwork at a slower pace. The comfortable temperature (75-80 degrees), along with a mindful flow, helps students feel rested and renewed!

Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra: 40 min of a slow flow and 20 min of yoga nidra (yoga sleep) extended savasana with a guided meditation.

Slow Flow & Restorative: 30 min of a slow flow and 30 min of restorative yoga postures

  • Take a Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra class!
  • Take a Slow Flow & Restorative class!

Restorative Yoga

Appropriate for all levels, restorative yoga is a deeply nourishing and restful practice that relaxes both the body and mind. You can borrow our yoga props (bolsters, blankets and blocks) to relax your body in comfortable postures for about 5 minutes each, getting a gentle stretch and finding moments of stillness. The purpose is to reduce anxiety and stress, release all physical effort to create a calm, peaceful, balanced feeling.

Take a Restorative class with us!

Yin Yoga

A passive yoga practice that targets connective tissues such as ligaments, joints, and bones. Yin compliments our regular, more active, "yang" vinyasa yoga classes which primarily target lengthening and contracting our muscles. This class is gentle, unheated and very beginner friendly.

Prenatal Yoga

Take care of your body and your mind during such an important time! Our prenatal yoga classes are designed for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners of all trimesters. All poses are safe for mother and baby and are designed to strengthen and stretch your body, while also providing you a safe space to cultivate peace and calm. You will leave feeling stronger, calmer and more connected to yourself and your baby!

  • Take a Prenatal class with us!


  • Hot: 90-95 Degrees
  • Warm: 80-85 Degrees
  • Unheated: 70-75 Degrees

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