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New to UPY?


$1/day for 30 days ($30)

  • Unlimited Yoga! Take a class every day and try our variety of teachers and classes.
  • The 30 days will start on the date of your first visit. If you sign up for a free class during Wrentham's grand opening weekend, those classes don't count! It will activate after that.
  • We can't wait to meet you!

Here's what you need to know!

· We have classes for Beginners and Experienced Yogis!

· You can start with any class on the schedule.

· We will help you with your practice.

· There are no mirrors, it's truly a judgement free zone.

· UPY is a community like no other! Take one class and you'll see exactly what we mean.

TIPS for your very first class

  • · Check out our schedule and look for a class time that works for your schedule.

    · Sign up online for our New Client Deal so you'll be all set when you come in.

    · Wear comfortable workout clothes

    · Arrive 15 minutes early

    · Check in at the desk so we can welcome you!

    · Bring your own mat or you can rent one for $2

    · Bring a refillable water bottle or you can buy water for $1

    · Make the most of your time on the mat. Turn your phone, watch and any other technology on silent or do not disturb. Unplug for 1 hour to recharge yourself!

    · We hope you enjoy your first class!

  • If you have any questions, let us know!

  • Call / text 774-256-4480 or email staff@universalpoweryoga.com

  • We will get back to you as soon as we can.

"I am a newbie and I love UPY! Thank you so much."

I had never taken Vinyasa heated yoga before UPY. Since my first class, I have always felt comfortable. I have taken classes with Jen, Sue, and Jaime and all of you really make the studio a welcoming and accepting place. I work full time as a paralegal and I go to law school at night, so sometimes my schedule gets stressful. I make sure to attend a couple of classes a week because I leave the studio feeling so much more relieved and self-confident. Things that were worrying or bothering me when I enter the studio feel so much more manageable at the end of class. It really is just the best mental therapy. I will definitely be buying the monthly unlimited pass when this package expires. I really thank you for fostering such an at-rest and rejuvenating environment."

- J.A., Norwood

"I LOVE UPY! I'm so excited for Wrentham!"

I've been a member at the Norwood studio for a few years and I love spending Monday nights and Friday nights at UPY. Now with Wrentham opening, I'm excited to go to both locations and to be able to practice more! Thank you for opening such a warm & welcoming yoga studio. I love my yoga routine and I definitely feel the mental and physical benefits.

- D.F., Wrentham